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Prime Opticals and Eye Clinic

Prime Opticals is an Opthalmic and Laser Eye Clinic with over 30 years expertise. We are committed to diagnosing and treating eye problems with Phaco trained and Vitro retinal doctors who constantly attend medical training to improve their expertise. We are the watermark for excellent eye care in Nigeria and we are based in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. 



Our qualified doctors will provide you expert advice to get you on your way to perfect eyesight. Our state of the art equipment and diagnostic process meet international standards to ensure the best services every time.


Optical Services

We have highly skilled opticians working around the clock to meet every patients' needs. From fixing lenses and repair to expert advice, we've got you covered.


     Emergency Services

We offer emergency services to patients in need of very urgent medical attention. With our ultra modern theatre, comfortable patient wards and standby generator we are ready at all times. Give us a call on 08030411487 or walk into the clinic.


We offer a range of surgeries from PHACO trained surgeons. Admissions facilities are available on the premises with 24hrs standby generator, nursing services and trained security guards. View our list of surgeries
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