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Is there a cure for Glaucoma?

There is no cure for glaucoma, however Glaucoma can be properly managed with regular use of anti-glaucoma eyedrops and a healthy diet.


Does Glaucoma mean blindness?

Not at all, it just means there are damage of the optic nerves as a result of increased intraocular pressure. 

Will wearing glasses make my eyes indented?

No. These are unsubstantiated claims.

Will my eyes be permanently corrected after wearing my glasses for a period of time?

This will depend on the use of your glasses, and the purpose which they were diagnosed for. ie. squints in children can be corrected overtime. However this is largely because children are still growing and their vision will naturally correct itself.


If I wear glasses will my vision get worse?

No. Just as a walking stick may aid an older individual to walk better, the glasses serve as an aid to improve what you can see. 

Are children too young to wear glasses?

No. Children are not too young to wear glasses, actually, defects in the eye found in children can be better improved with glasses since they eyes are still in the development stages.

Are eyedrops a substitute for glasses?

Absolutely not. Glasses aid in correcting your vision, while eyedrops are used to treat disease conditions.

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