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Our Story

The success story of the charity Eye camp started in June 2007 by Dr Valentina Ideh, an Ophthalmologist Chief Medical director of the clinic. She noticed a certain group of patients could not afford their treatment, This was not helped by the fact that the National and State government did not offer free treatment to such patients due to limited budget and funding. 

Dr Ideh thus started the Eye camp programme to target these selected group of patients. All patients who attend the eye camp get free consultations and discounted surgeries. Blind patients with cataracts undergo free surgery and other screening such as Glaucoma (a common condition that could lead to blindness) are highly discounted.  The concept of corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is still innovative and in early days even for the largest national Corporations in Nigeria. This is Dr Ideh's way of giving back to the community. 

The buy-in of staff to this idea was very critical and the need for staff resources cannot be over emphasised because of the key role they play during the eye camp. Staff work overtime at no cost during period, and discounts towards the cost of drugs for those unable to afford them are acquired through donation by companies and individual cash donations.

25th Eye Camp


Message from Dr Valentina Ideh

"The eye camp is carried out twice a year to to mark my birthday and the Christmas holidays. The outcome of the project has always been positive but we continue to work to ensure that we provide impeccable and excellent services during and after the programme. 

Over 4,000 patients have been treated since the project commenced and there has been continued increase in the number of patients we see at each eye camp.

Over 80 patients had their eye sight restored between 2015 and 2016 and there has been an increase in the types of procedures carried out since the first eye camp in 2007."

Now Prime Opticals is seeking to make the eye camp a more regular program to cater for the unmet needs of the less privileged. We are always seeking funding and sponsorship. This will enable quarterly and possibly monthly delivery of the eye camp. Though ambitious it will spread the workload more evenly throughout the year and be beneficial to patients who would have quicker access to free and affordable eye care.

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